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Not so scary, after all. Unlike being stuck in a typical physician’s office that often feels sterile and uninviting, Freda says, “The whole experience of acupuncture is much more comfortable since we create a relaxing environment with patients laying down in a private room with soft music, and dimmed lights.” Michelle, a community organizer who has been seeing an acupuncturist since her teens for chronic health issues, explains that her first appointment was “rather awkward, but only because how empathic and in tune my practitioner was.” She adds that “acupuncture may be expensive, and most insurances won't cover it, but it helps and it's one of the things that saved me from having to get carpal tunnel surgery. It can be uncomfortable, but never painful.” Everyone’s minds and bodies are unique — the impact acupuncture has on your wellness may be completely different than how it affects someone else. But many patients who regularly see acupuncturists swear by the practice. “While I wasn’t nervous or scared to try acupuncture, I was extremely skeptical, as I had undergone several Western medical procedures," explains Wendi, a community organizer who has seen an acupuncturist for over two decades for chronic pain. "I went in expecting to see little, if any, improvement. Immediately after that first session, I felt calm and slightly pleasantly disoriented. I felt some immediate pain relief, but it was subtle. What had been a deep, throbbing pain was now more of a dull, steady ache." “Acupuncture quite literally affords me a sense of normalcy and the ability, if only briefly, to live a mobile life with less-than-excruciating pain,” Wendi says. “For several days after each appointment, I feel an increased general sense of well being.” Freda reiterates that “after the treatment, most patients feel relaxed with a calm, uplifted mood.” However, she says this can vary from person to person: Some people will feel more energetic after an acupuncture appointment, while others want to get a good night’s sleep.

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